David Reilly

Personal pages

  1. My Resume

  2. My Java Site

  3. Programming Bookshelf

  4. Spanish Made Easy

Research interests

  1. Simple Agent Communication Protocol

  2. Java as a programming language

  3. Extinct dodo bird (raphus cucullatus)

  4. Network Programming

Welcome to my personal web page.

Here you can find more information about me through my resume, or look at some of the software engineering work I've been doing recently. I've finished my postgraduate degree, and am currently doing freelance writing for programming journals, and a book for AWL. 

I write tutorials and on-line articles that teach new computing languages / concepts, many of which are featured on my programming page. For Java specific information, you can check out the Java Coffee Break, a collection of tutorials and resources I've put together.

OLD NEWS "Java Network Programming & Distributed Computing" has been published by Addison-Wesley, and is in its second printing. [Amazon.com info]

Contact : David Reilly (davidreilly@ozemail.com.au)
This page was last updated on Sunday, January 29, 2006.