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Finding information on the dodo for school assignments can be tough. Often the only information provided by the local library is a few encyclopaedia entries. Or perhaps you're interested in learning more about the dodo, and other extinct or endangered animals. Here are a few starting places.

Featured Books

Dodo : A brief History
From Extinction to Icon

Author : Errol Fuller
ISBN   : 0789308401
Level  : High school or higher language
Pages  : 192pages, HB

Errol Fuller is a writer and illustrator whose love of extinct birds comes out quite clearly in this, the definitive book of the dodo in modern times. Perfect for school projects, or anyone interested in the dodo and its relevance as an icon of extinction.

Not only is it packed full of scientific information, it explorers historical and artistic representations of the dodo, and its importance as an icon of extinction.

I Wonder Why The Dodo Is Dead
and other questions about extinct and
endangered animals

Author : Andy Chapman
ISBN   : 0753450143
Level  : 4-8

I loved this book. The illustrations of animals are very beautiful, and the book is packed full of interesting trivia about extinct and endangered animals. For example, did you know that there is a rare whale with a horn, just like a unicorn? The book describes a wide range of extinct and endangered animals, teaching their uniqueness and dignity to younger readers. For a hardback book, the price is quite reasonable, and will provided hours and hours of fun and learning for inquisitive minds.



Extinct Birds

Author : Errol Fuller
ISBN   : 0816018332
Level  : High school or higher language

An excellent book for older audiences (including adults) about extinct birds of the world. Beautiful illustrations of a huge number of birds, as well as plenty of detailed information. The coverage of the dodo bird is quite extensive, and very interesting reading. Though this is out of print, its well worth searching for.

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