Java Network Programming
& Distributed Computing

By David Reilly, Michael Reilly.
Published by Addison-Wesley.
ISBN : 0201710374 

bulletWhat you'll learn about Java Network Programming
bulletSample chapters from the book
bulletSource code for the examples in the book
bulletAbout the authors

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What you’ll learn

Java provides a rich and comprehensive networking interface, to a range of network protocols. Navigating through the networking API, and learning the theory that accompanies successful network programming, can be tricky though. In Java Network Programming & Distributed Computing, you'll learn the easy way with easy-to-follow coverage of essential concepts, diagrams, and sample source code.

Along the way, you’ll learn:

bullethow the Internet works, its architecture, and the TCP/IP protocol stack
bulletan overview of the Java programming language, and a refresher course on topics such as exception handling
bullethow Java’s input/output system works
bullethow to write clients and servers using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Transport Control Protocol (TCP)
bullethow to write multi-threaded applications
bullethow to implement network protocols, and see examples of client/server implementations
bulletabout the Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and how to access the World Wide Web using Java
bullethow to write server-side Java applications for the WWW
bulletabout distributed computing technologies like Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and CORBA
bullethow to access e-mail using the extensive JavaMail API

Sample chapters from the book

Let's face it. Deciding which book is right for you can be a tough choice. Does it cover enough material? Is it aimed at my level of expertise? Can I understand what the authors are showing me? Java networking encompasses such a broad range of topics, that a book on Java network programming has to cater for all levels of experience; we've tried to strike a balance between coverage of theory & practical techniques, and making the book accessible to both novice and expert alike. A book is a very personal choice though, so here are some excerpts from Java Network Programming & Distributed Computing to help you make your decision. 

bulletChapter One - Basic Network Theory
bulletChapter Six - Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

About the Authors

David Reilly is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, and author of the Java Network
Programming FAQ.  He writes frequently for Java publications, and holds a Bachelor in Software Engineering (Honors) from Bond University. David is also the editor of the Java Coffee Break online publication.
Michael Reilly is a software engineer and network programmer, working in Brisbane, Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science (Honors) from Bond University.