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¡Yo quiero hablar en español!

Do you want to learn Spanish? Its one of the world's fastest growing languages, and is widely spoken throughout many countries - especially in South America. If you're planning on travelling, or just have an interest in learning a new language, you've come to the right place!

I'll teach you the basics, including common phrases and vocabulary that travellers should learn, and basic use of verbs. Its simple, easy, and free.

bulletLesson One : Basic Phrases, including greetings, how are you, what is your name, and goodbyes
bulletLesson Two : Basic Verbs, shows you how to use verbs in your Spanish
Includes conjugation of AR, ER & IR verbs
bulletLesson Three Basic Numbers, shows you how to count from one to ten in Spanish, and includes addition and subtraction exercises for extra practice.
bullet Lesson Four : Advanced Numbers, will extend your knowledge of numbers in Spanish, and show you how to count up to one hundred. Study the numbers, and practice the exercises, to improve your numeracy.
bullet Lesson Five : Telling the time, shows you how to read the time in Spanish, using the numbers from lessons three and four.
bulletLesson Six : Eating and drinking, gives you more practice with the verbs beber and comer, and common terms for eating and drinking.
bullet Conversational Dialogs in Spanish, gives you dialogs of real interactions between people, to reinforce lessons and grammar.
bulletWord of the Day Archive, learn a different word each day


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